What We Do

Anthea Rose specialises in Massage Therapy, Well-being Coaching and Fitness. Anthea Rose was created to help our clients de-stress their body and mind from every day worries. To be able to take time out and be in the moment is the most rewarding gift we can give to ourselves. Anthea Rose’s core values are built on encouragement, compassion, patience and self-love. It is our mission to give each client the power to create the best version of themselves from the inside out.

Our Story

The founder of Anthea Rose, Gemma Frohlich, tells us "The idea of setting up a business in Wellbeing came to me about 5 years ago when I was 'living the dream' and working in London for a high-powered, fantastic company, but there was always something niggling at the back of my mind that I was meant to be doing something different with my life. I felt there was more to me than my job. I started to identify something was missing from my life and that my career path did not align with my personal core values and I wanted to be in charge of my destiny. 


I carried on for several year after that but it was only until I was working and living abroad in Australia that I dug deep and found the courage to break away from the corporate world and make a change by going solo. It wasn't as easy as it all sounds, before I made the decision I had experienced burnout and as a result exhaustion, depression and anxiety. Through the power of friends and family and with my determination to recover I learnt to heal my self.


Finally here I was ready to create a brand that represents self-belief, self-love and self-worth. I had been unsure of a name but then it came to me. Whilst living in Sydney for 3 years, I wanted to bring back a little piece of down under with me and combine it with my British roots.


Anthea is the name of a very dear friend of mine who has reinforced to me that self-love is a fundamental need we owe to ourselves in order to live our best life for us and our nearest and dearest. Anthea has been a monumental part of my self-development during my time in Sydney. I combined her beautiful name with my most favourite flower, the Rose. Together the words mean Rose Blossom."


We look forward to you blossoming with us.


Without further ado we introduce to you, Anthea Rose.

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